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Welcome to nikita_20in20; a community based on the hit US drama, where you have 20 days to create 20 icons.  Below are the community rules, please read them before posting and if you have any questions, feel free to ask a moderator.

  • THEME (10 ICONS): The theme set consists of 10 icons that include 10 different themes altered each round. This challenge includes elements that you'd see in a 100 icons challenge.
  • CATEGORY (5 ICONS): The set category consists of 5 icons which all have an element in common - for example, a colour.
  • ARTIST'S CHOICE (5 ICONS): You're free to do anything that you want as long as it still complies to the community rules and LJ standards.


At the end of the 20 days voting will be posted. You will be voting for your favourite icons in each sets of the challenge.

  • THEME: This set will be divided into 2 separate posts including 5 themes each. One winner per themes.
  • CATEGORY: All set of icons will be posted into one post and be judged as a set.
  • ARTIST'S CHOICE: Icons will be posted into one post and judged as a set as well.

In addition to voting for your favourite set of Category and Artist's Choice, you'll also be voting for 6 individual icons of your choice.

  • SIGN UPS: 1 week before the challenge starts
  • CHALLENGE STARTS: The 20th of each month.
  • CHALLENGE ENDS: The end of the 20 days.
  • VOTING POSTED: 1-3 days after the challenge ends.
  • VOTING CLOSED: 3 days after the voting goes up.
  • WINNERS POSTED: 1-2 days after voting closes.

  • You will choose ONE character from NIKITA (2010) TV series to create 20 icons with. You can not claim multiple characters unless the round rules state so.
  • Only sign up if you're serious about participating
  • Usually a character can only be claimed once, but since the series is still young, TWO icon makers will be allowed to claim the same character.
  • You can't use the same character twice in a row but every third challenge is fine.
  • You can only enter once, using one character per month.
  • All icons must be made specifically for this community. No prior work can be submitted.
  • You will be given posting access only once you've signed up. (One of the moderators will approve your post before it can be viewed.)
  • When submitting your entry, always post 3 examples icons before adding the table under a cut or linking us to your graphics journal.
  • Try to comment on the other participants entries and leave them positive feedback. You want people to check out your icons and vice versa, its fair game.
  • When voting, please make sure you are not bias, even if you know who made which icons (since they're public before voting).
  • This is a stills community meaning that NO ANIMATED icons are allowed.
  • Icons must fit the LJ standards: under 40KB, 100x100px and either in a .PNG, .GIF or .JPG file format.
  • All images must be PG-13 and contain no questionable or mature content.
  • Rules are subjective to changes at the discretion of the administrators.

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